Poster presentation requirements

For a smooth organization process, we ask you to strictly follow this guideline.

IDK2017 presenters will be presenting their posters on Saturday (20th of May, 2017) from 13.30 to 14.30 as mentioned in the Conference Programme. One of the authors is strongly advised to stand beside the poster to answer questions and lead discussions during the poster session.

Poster display dimensions are: 90 cm wide × 140 cm high
Poster orientation: portrait (vertical)

The organisers provide all equipments and tools (pins, adhesive tape) to stick up your poster to the display at the conference venue.


Scientific Presentation Guidelines


Required format: Microsoft PowerPoint 2003-2010 (ppt and pptx format)

Every presentator will have 15 mintues to give their presentations, and in the end of every section we give you time to discuss to topics of the section. Please make sure, that you presentation is no longer than 15 mintues, since the conference's program is strict.


Scientific Abstracts Guidelines

Formal and content requirements for the abstracts Formal and content requirements for the abstracts

Abstract template Abstract template


Requirements for the articles


 Publication requirements

 Publication sample

 Reviewers sheet